Realtime Content Classifying

DrawBridge is a Linux-based firewall installed physically at the first link of the chain in your network, between the internet modem and the switch.

All traffic from your network flows through this gateway, requiring only a one-time CA Certificate installation to achieve transparent filtering.

The result: All web traffic on your internet service is inspected and filtered even before it reaches your devices.

 Odoo • Text and Image

Due to the vast amount of internet content, web filtering works best with dynamic, real-time analysis of page content. Because content can be proper or improper depending on the context, dynamic filtering should be aware of context for accuracy.  The DrawBridge filter engine classifies HTTP Requests and Responses into categories. Business and educationally appropriate categories are allowed normally. Blocked categories show the block page instead.

Supports HTTPS • HTTP2 Ready

Inspect what matters,
Forget the whitelist.

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